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10 December 2006 @ 12:11 pm
Heyyyy! A Banjo-Kazooie community! Awesome! Muchly thanks to donkeykongsong for plugging it!

So, myself,
+ What's a name to call you?
"Cammi" is fine!
+ Your age?
+ Your favorite character?
Kazooie. Maybe I'm just a glutton for mean people. D:
+ Favorite world? (Can be from any of the games)
This one's a really tough decision, but it's tied between Mad Monster Mansion and Witchyworld...
+ Favorite creature to be turned into?
That cute little octopus transformation in Grunty's Revenge!

For anything else to say, I've been a longtime B-K/Rare fanartist currently running an art site called The Rarebox, and I miss the games. I wish I had my old N64 so I could play them again! D: It's really nice to be here and I hope we become buddies! :D

And Lastly, I just wanna share this with you guys that my friend newswhore1 found: a photographic tour of Rare when Eurogamer went to interview the Viva Pinata team!
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12 November 2006 @ 06:12 pm
I've been re-playing Tooie lately, because I love that game and it brings back so many happy memories from my childhood, but anyway, I've been trying to get ALL jiggies/cheato pages/etc. So after I save and quit I start it up later, and I notice that in Witchyworld it says 7/10. I had went and got all 8 that I could, so why was it showing up as 7? A glitch. Yeah, I went back and it turns out I've got 8, but it's only showing up as 7. And my total jiggies got knocked down one! GR! But I can't get the 8th one again, because I already got it! *foams* It's just angering me is all.
I wish Nintendo would make a new BK for the GCN or Wii. It would be really neat. I love these games, and I want a new one...*cries* Well, that's all. I thought I'd just pop in and give the community a little life. Bye!
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10 November 2006 @ 09:11 pm
+ What's a name to call you? Sam
+ Your age? 15
+ Your favorite character? I love the Oogle Boogles! Stupid Unga Bungas thinking they are cool, and no one really cares about the Rocknuts. They...are extinct! Hahaha Oogle Boogles PWN!
+ Favorite world? (Can be from any of the games) Clickclock Wood from the first one, and I think it would be Grunty's Industries from the second...NO! Wait! I like Jolly Roger's Lagoon from the second. I love Pawno! And, I'm sorry but Jolly was TOTALLY flamming. Hahaha
+ Favorite creature to be turned into? Does dragon-Kazooie count? If not then I must say it's Stony. He rules.
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07 November 2006 @ 07:40 pm
+ What's a name to call you? Kris
+ Your age? 15!
+ Your favorite character? Klungo!
+ Favorite world? (Can be from any of the games) It's a tie between Witchyworld and Hailfire Peaks.
+ Favorite creature to be turned into? I love being that T-Rex!
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